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Startup the Future

Starting a business involves many difficulties but is filled with pleasant potentials. The fourth industrial revolution may
create and also eliminate many jobs. This exhibition intends to suggest the current vision for starting a business by looking at global start-up companies. Also, it also suggests new trends through the integration of 3D printing and design and the 1-person design company.

Start-up : This will compare the world and South Korea in terms of new businesses in the design field.

  • Part 1. Future of Start-up
    It will introduce start-up company in design which turned starting a business into a culture through the new venture trend,
    Finland SLUSH, etc. as well as 3D printing/O2O service.
  • Part 2. Start-up Today
    This focuses on the process of trying new methods such as starting a business centering on convergence and technology through
    designer=producer and direct funding system in Israel, etc.

3D Printing : Emphasized the 3D printing as a designer’s tool and sought for connections between customizing
business and 3D printing

  • Part 1. Exhibition of various printers, materials, SW, and printed materials as well as the audience’s participation in printing
  • Part 2. Introduction to design business using 3D printing


  • Director : Sun in Lee, Professor of Department of Visual Design at Hongik University
  • Curator

Mi kyoung Choi

Mi kyoung Choi(Korea)
CEO of Roomscape

  • Major Experiences
    • Visiting Professor at Korea National University Of Arts
    • Adjunct Professor at Sungkyunkwang University
    • Instructor for Dept. of Industrial Design, Kyonggi University Graduate School
  • Experience
    • Advisor for Hangang Project Division of Seoul Government
    • Advisor for Design, Cultural Hertiage Foundation Korea House